Engineering Services

CAE Training, Mentoring and Process Improvement

As recognized industry leaders in structural mechanics and simulation, TSI is well-suited to offer training and mentoring services to our clients. We offer both theoretical and software-specific training in either our in-house training facility or onsite mentoring at our clients. All of our trainers are also engineers who use the tools in production environments.

Training Solutions



  • Standard or customized training and mentoring services in Altair HyperWorks and LS-Dyna
  • Advanced simulation and numerical methods
    • Implicit/Explicit Simulation
    • Linear/Nonlinear Structures
    • Crashworthiness and Impact
    • Pre/Post Processing
    • Multi-body Dynamics
    • Vibration and Durability
    • Data acquisition and interpretation
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Custom macro development
  • Process optimization
Introduction to FEA Learn More
Introduction to Pre/Post Processing - HyperMesh and HyperView Learn More
Advanced Methods in FEA Learn More
Introduction to Crashworthiness Learn More
Introduction to Multi-body Dynamics and MotionSolve Contact us for more details
Numerical Optimization Contact us for more details
Scripting and Macro Writing Contact us for more details
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