Research and Development

TSI specializes in the application of mechanical engineering principles to solve structural and mechatronic challenges that other companies and organizations cannot.

We are the innovation of a university, at the speed of business.

Research and Development is used by companies to deepen their relationships with existing clients and further their market penetration. However, for some of TSI's clients Research and Development has been part of a longer-term diversification strategy for their business. By working with the TSI to develop fundamentally innovative technology for new markets, such firms as yours will drastically increase your internal capabilities through knowledge transfer, plus gain a business advantage over competition while decreasing overall financial risk.

Customer and Goal-focused

Business Relations

Much like other initiatives in your company, in R+D you are investing your time and resources with the expectation of a return. TSI listens to our customers, we communicate often, and ensure that we are all focused on your end goal.

Advanced Engineering Expertise

Agarose Neck Stability

TSI provides an end-to-end developmental service where the focus is on innovative engineering physical mechanical and mechatronic products that must meet demanding performance and/or regulatory conditions.

Your challenge will be handled by our experienced professional engineering personnel from varied backgrounds. We are well-versed in existing technology throughout our many fields, as well as state-of-the art manufacturing techniques. Our network of support partners allows us to leverage an even broader range of talents to bring to the table to resolve your challenges.

Key Industry, Government, and University Relationships

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More than 20 years of engineering development has generated an extensive and deep relationship network of people and organizations that are knowledgeable, efficient and dependable. Leveraging these resources not only from the business world, but also through Government agencies and programs as well as key University research personnel provides vast resources for fast knowledge transfer, to quickly plan and direct your R+D project to a high level of efficiency and ensure maximum effectiveness with minimal risk.

Our clients keep returning to TSI as a trusted resource for research and development for a combination of advanced engineering capabilities, deep and practical industry experience, as well as mature understanding of business realities. We solve difficult issues in a practical manner, so that your decision to work with TSI will have a low risk within a competitive budget.

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services.